Two or more than two parts fastening ground connection

For a whole USES a kind of

Parts of the body, on the market, also known as standard.


With internal thread hole, the general shape of the flat six Angle type, also have a flat square shape or flat

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Electronic appliances metal parts

All kinds of ash and clamp, small and medium-sized motor carbon brush holder, and electrical electronic metal parts. All kinds of terminal socket, all kinds of ash and clamp
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Slicing knife, liquid crystal show videos support

Much money LCD show videos support, the kitchen electricity cutter cut up tool parts, and other home appliance hardware accessories. Much money LCD show videos

Xx hardware manufactory co., LTD., our factory is based on the xx hardware factory, has more than twenty years experience in factories, all kinds of precision mold manufacturing and five engineering hardware parts manufacturing, experience.CAD, CAM auxiliary, mould design and processing more efficient; Step into the mould can be complementary with pneumatic components and electric, electronic parts and other mechanical structure with them, in order to solve the mould design Kan in turtle neck problem, increase the mould design, the flexibility of the complicated products rapid mass production easier.

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